Toyota introduced Beijing International Auto Exhibition


CROWN CROWN 3.0 L Main Specifications

L × W × H (mm): 4855 × 1780 × 1480

Engine: 3 GR-FE V-6-cylinder double overhead camshaft 24-valve EFI (Dual VVT-i)

TOYOTA classic - A CROWN crown and into respectable shape of the luxurious interior, excellent power and control performance and advanced technology in integrated, harmonious, quiet, calm atmosphere, excellent safety performance and comfort of both, a high-grade automobile market highly competitive market mainstream models! Its outstanding market performance not only confirms the vast number of consumers on CROWN CROWN brand recognition, but also demonstrated their goods reflected on the values and the way of life they advocate the recognition.

Especially CROWN CROWN 3.0 L Royal Saloon fashion navigation version of a perfect integration of fashion and luxury double temperament. Vibrant charm of the design, realization of the Smart, elegant beauty and unique Yongronghuagui sedan. CROWN CROWN 3.0 L Royal Saloon stylish version with black navigation senior drilling leather seats, not only exquisitely beautiful, but also added a Different driving enjoyment with the effects of breathing front grille and Xenon headlights, as well as 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, add a steady passionate vitality, has been a solemn atmosphere CROWN CROWN family Cheleyiban technology fashion sense and clearly show CROWN crown "intellectual interpretation of Life" unique charm.

April 1, 2008, the original CROWN 2.5 L Royal Crown Special Edition launched on the basis of the crown CROWN 2.5 L Royal navigation equipment special edition models, in the past has been added 3.0 L Royal Saloon-level models only voice equipment multimedia DVD Electronic navigation systems, and its crown as CROWN 2.5 L Royal navigation version of the standard configuration, thereby allowing more users to experience multimedia DVD with electronic navigation system voice convenience brought about by the comfortable life. It was also an increase of gold logo, welcome lighting pedal and the wheels crown logo, and other equipment, so that more noble character CROWN crown for users to create more high-quality luxury car life.


REIZ sharp 3.0-L Main Specifications

L × W × H (mm): 4735 × 1775 × 1450

Engine: 3 GR V-6-cylinder double overhead camshaft 24-valve EFI (Dual VVT-i)

"REIZ sharp-CROWN crown with a total production lines, transmission of the global mainstream outstanding senior models of DNA, the front after flooding beauty and perfect body control to have an outstanding campaign elements.

"Centralized high-performance, highlight high-value" is REIZ sharp-brand has always stood for, as China's senior automobile market some fresh ground FR cars by the age of the elite love. REIZ sharp-CROWN crown with a total production lines, transmission of the global mainstream outstanding senior models of DNA, the front after flooding beauty and perfect body control to have an outstanding campaign elements. At present, there are 3.0-REIZ sharp skylight NAVI V, 2.5V NAVI, 2.5V skylights version, 2.5 V Super Sport, 2.5 S and 2.5 S version of skylights, and other rich leather model choice, and more able to meet the commodity aspect of Merit More elite groups demand. Nawaijianxiu, truly a value-for-money.

April 1, 2008 launch of REIZ sharp 2.5-V Deluxe model is REIZ special equipment-sharp "focus on high-performance, high-value underlines" the true embodiment. REIZ sharply in the original leather, sunroof-S version 2.5 on the basis of 2.5 S model with special deluxe version has been added in the Toyota Genuine widely acclaimed quality portable navigation, gold logo, welcome lighting, such as pedal configuration, the vehicle luxurious comfort and quality performance increased dramatically.

PRIUS Andean

PRIUS Andean L Specification 1.5

L × W × H (mm): 4450 × 1725 × 1510

Engine: 4-cylinder double overhead camshaft in-line 16-valve EFI (VVT-i) & synchronous AC motors (of the permanent magnet)

In the energy crisis and environmental problems highlighted before, and will be forward-looking TOYOTA hybrid research into long-term planning; TOYOTA devoted more than 40 years of effort, PRIUS Cape sharp Andean the first to the future of the superb avant-garde design concept will be the implementation of the perfect, more times leading to a series of highly intelligent carrying technology. PRIUS Cape sharp Andean to the world's first production hybrid identity, carrying 900,000 global sales of the proud success of the entire car altar and fashion attention at the same time, more well-deserved as a technology pioneer, today launched future.

PRIUS Andean Rui Pu is a practical action to alleviate the burden on the environment doing its own contribution. TOYOTA hybrid system allows the engine and motor drive synergies dramatically improve. In with strong, smooth, quiet feeling of mastery, while achieving world-class low fuel consumption and emissions.

PRIUS Cape sharply in the Andean use of motor driver only when there is no pollution on the environment and, in slow, and downhill braking energy recovery, but also for reuse, especially in the red when they stop, the engine will automatically stop working, it will not have any fuel consumption! Therefore, the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions have been effectively improved.

In addition, the excellent aerodynamics, the world's first electric inverter air conditioner parts of the body as well as the lightweight design, the same help PRIUS Cape sharp Andean achieved lower fuel consumption.

February 25, 2008, Andean PRIUS Pu a sharp price adjustment, the standard version from the original 282,200 yuan to 259,800 yuan adjustment, leather, navigation version from the original 302,000 yuan to 279,800 yuan adjustment, and had a higher cost will be more consumer interest.


COROLLA 1.8 L Main Specifications

L × W × H (mm): 4540 × 1760 × 1490

Engine: 2 ZR-FE 4-cylinder double overhead camshaft in-line 16-valve EFI (Dual VVT-i)

COROLLA Kaluola adhering to the "everyone in the world to bring happiness and happiness" concept, perfect fit the requirements of the times, with high quality and high performance for every user has exceeded the expectations of quality of life vehicles. COROLLA Kaluola 10th generation of the ancient heritage of fine COROLLA DNA, in a stylish, dynamic appearance at the same time, achieve power, control, security, environmental protection, energy conservation and other areas beyond the comprehensive segment outstanding qualities.

COROLLA Kaluola used with the new suspension FF (front precursor) platform, comprehensive adjustment of the layout of body size at the same time to achieve the same level of performance on the top. COROLLA compared with the Corolla, COROLLA Kaluola substantial increase in body width, the front-forward position, and streamline the design of complementary shape, showing unprecedented "wide and low," the situation is very passionate interpretation of a dynamic and the overall shape, and create a spacious and comfortable interior space. In addition, the powertrain development of the use of a new dual-carrying VVT-i technology 1.8 L inline four-cylinder engine (ZR-2), with 6-speed manual gearbox, makes abundant dynamic performance, excellent performance on the world the top level of fuel consumption at a high level to co-exist. With respect to security, through the use of COROLLA Kaluola GOA body, the VSC (vehicle stability control system), the SRS-curtain air bag and side SRS air bag, and thoughtful consideration of the active safety and passive security, and achieve the same level car of the world's best safety performance.

COROLLA EX 1.6 L Main Specifications

L × W × H (mm): 4530 × 1705 × 1490

Engine: 1 ZR-FE 4-cylinder double overhead camshaft in-line 16-valve EFI (Dual VVT-i)

COROLLA EX Corolla is the successor to improve COROLLA Corolla models, in the interior of the car with both a partial improvement of 1.6 L expects the latest dual VVT-i engine, the driving force in the economy and achieve perfect balance between with competitive prices with a rich configuration COROLLA EX Corolla to a market one of the cost-effective models.

new VIOS

VIOS 1.6L major new specifications

L × W × H (mm): 4300 × 1690 × 1490

Engine: 1 ZR-FE 4-cylinder double overhead camshaft in-line 16-valve EFI (Dual VVT-i)

Wei Chi is a new FAW Toyota VIOS economic cars representatives, simple shape, Centro, very stylish. Through the long wheelbase and high optimization of body size to expand beyond segment with the appearance of feeling, more fashion sense, but also effectively increase the space inside the comfort of occupants. There are new VIOS Weichi four-6 models. Equipment before and after the spoiler and side fenders and other major components surrounded displacement of 1.6 L-S-GL Centro Sport model with the 1.6 L displacement GL-i and Centro skylights version GLX-i, and the displacement of 1.3 L model GL-i, a rich commodity system, and to meet the diversified demands of the vast number of consumers. Among them, 1.6 L dual VVT-i engine, makes abundant power, excellent fuel economy and low emissions of the three high degree of environmental protection in keeping with the same level of a high standard of driving performance. Wei Chi disseminate new VIOS the passion and vitality, cool shape and dynamic economy both, seemed to enjoy the countless young people realize their dream of becoming an indispensable partner on the road.

LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road Ze Cool

Cool LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road, the main specifications Ze 4.7 L

L × W × H (mm): 5150 × 1970 × 1945 (4.7L VX-R length of 5170 mm)

Engine: 2 UZ V-8 cylinder double overhead camshaft 32-valve EFI

LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road Ze Cool "King of 4WD," R & D objectives, while continuing to maintain the durability, reliability At the same time, the ideal of the free movement of arbitrary become a reality. Through the use of the world's leading technology and innovative new structure to ensure that the Cool LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road Ze become both environmental protection, or security is the world's top rides. December last year listing of the new Cool LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road Ze adopted the world's first Crawl Control (low-speed cruise driver assistance systems) technology, the development of a new application KDSS (Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System dynamic adjustment suspension system), as well as new carrying the HAC (uphill auxiliary control system), and so on the latest technology in the new model are reflected throughout, and its performance and comfort and driving performance improvement more to cool LAND CRUISER 200 Rand Road in the world's top-ze The cross-country performance standards on the basis of a new added value goods, which is a distillation of the trends of the times beyond the top 4x4 landmark King. As the heart of vehicle engine, it will not escalate into with VVT-i (variable valve timing intelligent control system), and also a new V6 4.0L displacement, the engine greatly enhance the output power at the same level with more cars Type of excellent fuel economy.


PRADO Prado 4.0 L Main Specifications

L × W × H (mm): 4970 × 1875 × 1905 (4.0L GX length of 4850 mm)

(4.0L GX campaign for the DVD version of 4895 mm length)

Engine: 1 GR V-6-cylinder double overhead camshaft 24-valve EFI (VVT-i)

PRADO Prado has been interpreted in the city's latest high-end SUV connotations, it not only inherited the family LAND CRUISER outstanding cross-country performance of origin, and constantly based on the market and the needs of the consumers for breakthroughs and innovations, and gradually integrating more fashion and avant-garde Modern elements, and formed a luxury sedan and its financial professional sport utility vehicle in one of the unique style.

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