1.1 million euros Bugatti Veyron car show premiere

Bugatti Veyron body length of only 4.462 meters, the public than the speed Teng also a short 82 mm. The car has always been the front companies of their traditional areas. Bugatti has been the crown-shaped tanks grille, the car runs through the whole body of the online processes, the short head, 20-inch tires, as well as EB signs, lights and so on are the traditional design Bugatti, will not and should not change. Only in detail such as chrome frame and trademark physical on some slightly different. Three horizontal headlamps each side of the former Lights style remains.

Body is the central uplift from the bridge of the nose above the water grid has been extended to the rear through the roof Bugatti Veyron is the characteristics of lines. 18 / 3 alternative location of the front bumper is a Sisifangfang the air inlet, the three arrangements inside the engine radiator. Modeling the front of the car from the front to see all sides to muster the central Diao, in particular 18 / 4 more obvious, like bodybuilding competitions, as the body shape as shown strength.

Interior, the Bugatti Veyron most popular dashboard and centre console connecting design. Chrome alloy made of the interior decoration is very high-end and sport. Because the car is a pure sports car, so almost no entertainment and recreation design. However, we can not in the speed of over 400 km / h or CD manipulation when it moves GPS. Although the owner of the super power, but stressed that the Veyron more comfort and stability, is to open a full 365 days supercar. 7 block transmission sequence displayed on the panels, as well as "P, R, N, D, S," Shift, the Veyron closer to ordinary people. Although the engine used in the home, but the Veyron supercar is not the roar of when the engine speed is less than 3000 rpm, compared with the Veyron quiet, and even make motorists forget speed.

It uses eight liters W-16-cylinder engine with four turbo supercharger, 1001 hp/6000rpm maximum output power. Veyron use of the seven-speed double-clutch transmission and full-time four-wheel drive system, 150 ms to accomplish the conversion of gear, fast motorists will very difficult to detect. Accelerate from standstill to 100 km / h, 200km / h, 300km / h, the Veyron, respectively 2.5 seconds, 7.3 seconds and 16.7 seconds. If you want speed over 375 km / h, the need for an insurance insert the key driving seat left of the key hole. Reached 400 mm in diameter ventilation brakes with carbon fiber (former) / ceramics (after) calipers, Vey-ron from 100 km / h to stop braking need 31.4 meters, from 407 km / h to brake need not stop 10 seconds.

In addition, the Veyron use of traditional modes of production that is outsourcing components from suppliers quality control, vehicle assembly after more than 300 kilometers of testing for GAD debugging, quality inspection. Engine from northern Germany, before delivery after 10 hours of testing; gearbox production in the United Kingdom, carbon fiber parts, it has since Italy; 5 per vehicle from the team assembled. The General Armament Department, in the circuit, ordinary roads, speed Straight Road over 300 km of internal testing. All the new owners will get at least 300 km milestone.

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