MINI Clubman show

2007, MINI sales in China doubled again, setting 2200 annual sales record, with 2006 year-on-year growth of 108%. For the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, MINI statement with the same extraordinary significance. China's auto market and the great potential of increasing MINI model series attractive for continuing this positive development has provided all the necessary conditions. MINI-new vehicles in 2008 Beijing International Auto Show in appearance. April 22, 2008 to 28, MINI Cooper Clubman in the China International Exhibition Center, the new museum and the first time the Chinese public meeting. The classic MINI new models of innovative design concept and a new elected assembly, will give you endless driving passion. With its own unique body ratio, excellent quality, as well as first-class powertrain and suspension technology, perfect to meet the drivers demonstrated taste, personality and the demands of fashion, Hyundai Motor is definitely an ideal choice for enthusiasts.

From all aspects, the car is a genuine MINI. At the same time, the unique design of the cut is even more fascinating. Perfect body proportion, unique rear design, layout and innovative door on this unparalleled Xizhuang vehicles (Shooting Brake) made a re-interpretation. Body of the rear door off using innovative design, the right co-body small rear doors (Clubdoor), make it easy to get on and off passengers in the rear seats. MINI models than the regular wheelbase eight centimeters long, has substantially increased the rear passenger leg space, the rear seats very comfortable ride.

MINI models unique to the classic driving passion, and in all the possibilities: MINI Cooper Clubman Compared with the MINI Cooper, which the body grow new model 24 cm. Rear storage space behind the large volume of 260 liters, outside the door of the pick-and-place items is very convenient. In addition, also under the rear seats need to partially or completely folding. In this way, more storage space can reach 930 liters.

MINI Clubman not only inherit the family of all driving characteristics and excellent performance, also adopted a number of innovative elements. First, the flexible manipulation of unmatched. Secondly, Clubman driving passion is absolutely unlimited protection, as it not only has a unique small-car suspension technology, but also have high power, high torque unique efficient engine: 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, maximum output power of 88 kilowatts / 120 hp. Equipped with six block automatic transmission, 0-100 km / h in only 10.9 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the increase in power while reducing the fuel consumption: average fuel consumption of only 6.8 liters / 100 km, carbon dioxide emissions to 163 g / km, established fuel consumption and emission of the new standard, and it is energy-saving and environmental protection model

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