Volkswagen Passat R36 The history of the strongest

With a streamlined form in the Passat is equipped with Volkswagen R models of the aero package, the embodiment of a body is strong dynamic cars, and this is Passat R36

Passat R36 is from the famous Volkswagen models personalized Division (VW Individual), is another series of sports cars Members of go-getters. Passat R36, in the overall appearance is still on the continuation of "R" sports model of the family's fine, the body before and after the "R36" logo, the car is a unique status symbol.
Volkswagen Passat R36

Specially tuned than the Passat R36 Passat prototype lower body height of 20 mm. Front chrome grille intake increased slightly, the flow lines extend all the way to shape the side and the rear bumper, rear left and right with a large double tracheotomy, creating a strong visual impact. 18-inch alloy wheels, coupled with a more suitable for sports tyres, the Passat R36 more dynamic.

Passat car lines as the first high-performance works, Passat R36 ships with 3.6-liter V6 gasoline direct injection (FSI) engine, power output for maximum power of 220 kW/6600rpm, maximum torque 350 Nm/2400-5300rpm. Such a strong engine, while carrying the 6-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission and 4 MOTION full-time four-wheel-drive system, the power transmission Yuanyuanbujue to four so as to have more excellent acceleration performance, only 5.6 seconds Can achieve 0-100 km / h acceleration, the electronic speed limit is set at 250 km / h. This is the Passat cars of the fastest.

Got into Passat R36, can be seen everywhere "R36" or "R" logo, such as the steering wheel, pedals, seat back, at all times so that occupants who feel Passt R36 infiltration in the table, everywhere in the campaign atmosphere. Volkswagen Individual design is always unexpected, and can easily attract people's attention. Interior design, on the whole remain Passat original style, presented in a large number of leather and coated the outside part, Passat R36 aluminum to build the same car accessories, vehicle interior slightly Lengjun, But there are honorable. The Passat R36 bring more dynamism to the enjoyment. Leather multi-function steering wheel can provide a convenient operation, 12 to the adjustable seat sports, luxury and am comfortable atmosphere.

Passat R36 are equipped with the active and passive safety equipment for the occupants to provide maximum security. In Hi-Fi stereo market reputation of the most resonant, well-respected DYNAUDIO sound system, Chinese navigation, heated air-conditioning, heated seats and windshield, and other functions, will also become the standard Passat R36.


BMW 1 Series and X6 the first show

BMW car driving pleasure with dynamic, attractive appearance and excellent quality, the automobile market in China has made tremendous success. Despite the auto industry competition is intense, BMW's sales in 2007 but another record high, and this trend of development in 2008 has been further deepened. In 2008, 22 to 28 April to be held in China's capital Beijing Auto Show, BMW displayed to the world the Olympic Games in 2008 in the development of new models, and research and development of new technologies. Innovative new models and concept vehicles of the technological advantages to attract new target groups created good conditions. In addition BMW also introduced many to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of innovative measures to further consolidate its leadership position. BMW to global development strategy - efficient power (EfficientDynamics) - is the prerequisite for the BMW customers in China energy-efficient balance at the same time can enjoy unparalleled driving pleasure.

In this show on display at the BMW X6 and BMW 1 Series, it is their in China's auto market debut. BMW X6 is the world's first all-embracing coupe, which combines large-scale BMW coupe elegance, animation and X cars of the visual impact. By Twin Turbo Direct Injection technology and fuel V-8 cylinder and six-cylinder in-line engine full power, BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive technology and the global unique Dynamic Performance Control dynamic driving force distribution system for the car an exceptional flexible and self-confidence. The car configuration to the rest of the world beyond all car manufacturers. R & D for new BMW X6 xDrive50i the V-8-cylinder engine power output of 300 kW / 407 hp and speed range of 5,500 to 6,400 per minute turn in the rotational speed from 1750 to 4000 r / min to achieve maximum torsional Moment of 600 Nm.

BMW X6 xDrive35i the inline six-cylinder engine speed range of 5800 to 6250 r / min to provide 225 kilowatts / 306 hp of power, speed per minute in 1300 to 5,000 rpm, maximum torque to 400 Nm . Two models of the all-embracing coupe can bring new driving experience, but also proved that the BMW car in the field-class R & D innovation capability.

BMW 1 Series into China's auto market as more drivers bring different driving experience. This is the first time in China BMW introduced compact car, a BMW 130i and BMW 120i models, which embody the unique BMW car travelling dynamic, innovative technology and top quality. The same level as the first of a car series, and is the only series, it will compact body structure, a flexible operating system with the classic rear-wheel-drive BMW combination for the vehicle lead to a high degree of flexibility, whether Cycling in the city is still on the highway in the rugged rural roads, you can experience unlimited driving pleasure. BMW 130i from inline six-cylinder engine-driven, speed per minute can be produced during 6600 to 190 kilowatt / 258-hp power, speed in the range of 2500 to 4000 r / min to achieve the maximum torque of 300 Nm.

4-cylinder drive BMW 120i in the 6400 rpm to reach 115 kilowatts / 156-hp power, and when to speed for the 3600 / minute maximum torque of 200 Nm. These two models are similar models in the world to achieve the highest technical requirements, the quality of their comfortable space within the room can accommodate five passengers.

BMW 1 Series with the introduction of this continued growth in Germany's top car manufacturers BMW users personalized increasingly high demands of China's automobile market has taken an important step forward. BMW is one of the Chinese market's first compact luxury car, and the quality of those very sophisticated technical content owners Modernist motorists who have the ability final result. BMW senior Chinese companies for the compact vehicle market growth potential high hopes that its sales will not be in other Asian markets. BMW 1 Series prepared for this ideal prerequisites: at the same level in the earlier models to set industry standards, while those fashionable understanding of the potential target population BMW classic quality. BMW models so that all groups Fallon Guanjue features include not only the quality of their performance and driving dynamics also includes excellent efficiency. Save fuel and reduce emissions as much as possible to measure the automobile industry is an important yardstick of technological progress. BMW will this technology progress and the unique combination of driving pleasure.

Each with a new model before the models are compared with lower fuel consumption and emissions, but will have to improve the power, it also proved that the BMW company super R & D capabilities. Consistent implementation of the development strategy of EfficientDynamics (efficient drivers) that the company will be fun to drive and economic environment has been put on equal footing. In this concept BMW had taken various measures to optimize for power and on the relationship between fuel consumption from driving technology to vehicles in the energy management and to aerodynamics.

BMW EfficientDynamics strategy in the research and development of technological innovation applied to all cars: they were introduced to the global market each and every kind of a market model specific portfolio. BMW EfficientDynamics applicability of the global development strategy and inter-brand features to the reduction of fuel consumption and reduce exhaust emissions which will have a broad and far-reaching impact. Not just some special models with these energy-saving measures, which are each a new BMW car standard configuration component. These facts also prove that the BMW vehicle development time in the sense of responsibility. Whether the product itself, or for the production, and sustainable development plays an important role. For decades, sustainability of the BMW Group has been an important strategy for the development of guiding ideology - a fact that recently adopted by the world-famous Dow Jones Sustainability Index reassess prominent. BMW Group and the third appeared in the "Sustainable Development of the world's most car manufacturers."

It is precisely because EfficientDynamics (dynamic efficiency) strategy, the BMW in the world automobile market, in all levels of the models can supply the most competitive strength of the vehicles - an outstanding driving performance and economy. Similarly, China also BMW owners choose not only because of its excellent quality and superior driving pleasure, but also because it is consistent with the trend of the low fuel consumption and low emissions performance.

Beijing International Auto Show in 2008 to appear on the new model precisely meet these demands. High-precision direct injection system known as the second generation of gasoline direct injection technology that BMW X6 in China listed the two models can accurately the dose and time of fuel injection. The new R & D model BMW X6 xDrive50i top of the V8 engine power is not only strong (up to 300 kW / 407 hp), but also with the world level in the most efficient engine. Whether BMW 130i power is 1.9 kW / 258-horsepower inline six-cylinder engine, or BMW 120i can produce 115 kilowatts / 156-horsepower four-cylinder engine power, only BMW achieved double Double-VANOS camshaft variable valve timing system and Valvetronic electronic valve, the combination creates a highly dynamic force artificial and ideals of the energy saving effect.

Through deepening of the existing vehicles and the introduction of new models, BMW in China to achieve sustained growth. Sales growth will be further consolidated as a top BMW automobile brand in the Asia market leadership position. Mainland China 2007 BMW sold 49,388 cars, as Asia's most important markets. Mainland China in 2007 the number of dealers from 20 to 90, optimize the structure of the marketing for such positive development has been supported. Along with two distribution centers in operation, the supply of spare parts have also been optimized. It can be foreseen in the next few months, Shenyang factory will increase the annual production capacity of 45 per cent, to 44,000. Where in addition to specialized production for the Chinese market research lengthened the BMW 5 Series models, the BMW 3 Series car production.

2008 Beijing International Auto Show will be held, also reflects this continuing trend of development, in Beijing the China International Exhibition Center, organized by the New Museum show will once again exceed in size in 2006 from around the world set about 600,000 visitors record. Beijing International Auto Show this year, the 10th held in the capital of China, the first show began in 1990, during gradually become held in China's automobile industry's top show.

MINI Clubman show

2007, MINI sales in China doubled again, setting 2200 annual sales record, with 2006 year-on-year growth of 108%. For the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, MINI statement with the same extraordinary significance. China's auto market and the great potential of increasing MINI model series attractive for continuing this positive development has provided all the necessary conditions. MINI-new vehicles in 2008 Beijing International Auto Show in appearance. April 22, 2008 to 28, MINI Cooper Clubman in the China International Exhibition Center, the new museum and the first time the Chinese public meeting. The classic MINI new models of innovative design concept and a new elected assembly, will give you endless driving passion. With its own unique body ratio, excellent quality, as well as first-class powertrain and suspension technology, perfect to meet the drivers demonstrated taste, personality and the demands of fashion, Hyundai Motor is definitely an ideal choice for enthusiasts.

From all aspects, the car is a genuine MINI. At the same time, the unique design of the cut is even more fascinating. Perfect body proportion, unique rear design, layout and innovative door on this unparalleled Xizhuang vehicles (Shooting Brake) made a re-interpretation. Body of the rear door off using innovative design, the right co-body small rear doors (Clubdoor), make it easy to get on and off passengers in the rear seats. MINI models than the regular wheelbase eight centimeters long, has substantially increased the rear passenger leg space, the rear seats very comfortable ride.

MINI models unique to the classic driving passion, and in all the possibilities: MINI Cooper Clubman Compared with the MINI Cooper, which the body grow new model 24 cm. Rear storage space behind the large volume of 260 liters, outside the door of the pick-and-place items is very convenient. In addition, also under the rear seats need to partially or completely folding. In this way, more storage space can reach 930 liters.

MINI Clubman not only inherit the family of all driving characteristics and excellent performance, also adopted a number of innovative elements. First, the flexible manipulation of unmatched. Secondly, Clubman driving passion is absolutely unlimited protection, as it not only has a unique small-car suspension technology, but also have high power, high torque unique efficient engine: 1.6-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, maximum output power of 88 kilowatts / 120 hp. Equipped with six block automatic transmission, 0-100 km / h in only 10.9 seconds. It is worth mentioning that the increase in power while reducing the fuel consumption: average fuel consumption of only 6.8 liters / 100 km, carbon dioxide emissions to 163 g / km, established fuel consumption and emission of the new standard, and it is energy-saving and environmental protection model