Bugatti-Air 16.4-Car altar myth

The auto show as the most shining "Star", Bugatti 16.4-Air Show will be the first time contact with the audience zero distance, which is also to the Chinese mainland Bugatti taken the key first step.

Bugatti Director of Sales and Marketing Alasdair Stewart, and the Bugatti Mr Kuo-chung, chairman of China signed Mr. Tim

Earlier, the car to the Mainland of China, even witnessed the car altar myth, it seems only a distant aspiration. Now in the mainland of China, with a most legendary Bugatti supercar-the dream of freedom 16.4 also will soon become a reality. March 19 this year, the Bugatti in France, the birthplace of the town Molsheim, Bugatti and Cheong Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Bank of Shanghai Bentley Motors Ltd. formally signed an agreement to authorize its Bugatti become China's total vehicle dealers. This is the second Air-Bugatti 16.4 in October 2007 successfully landed in Hong Kong, and Hong Kong as a designated Bentley authorized partners, the most symbolic moment. This not only shows the Bugatti of the Chinese automobile market full of confidence, but also represented the first time opened up a Bugatti in the Chinese market sales of the road.

Bugatti Director of Sales and Marketing Alasdair Stewart, said that "China's rapid economic development, is the world's most rapid development of the automobile market, many of them supercar fans. This cooperation will be the world's most innovative Legend luxury sports cars to the Chinese supercar love, I believe Bugatti 16.4-aircraft performance and perfect the ultimate incarnation of the arts, many of China's car will be the pursuit. "

Bugatti Mr Kuo-chung, chairman of China President Tim said with full confidence "in China by the experienced and efficient operation of the distribution network, we have full confidence in China to find the real Regal, as well as top sports car connoisseur, and Bugatti Bentley Shanghai each other's valuable experience will bring enormous business opportunities, and have the coordinating role of mutual reciprocity. "

With China's sustained economic growth for the world's top luxury brands opened its doors. Annual growth rate of 20 per cent of the Chinese luxury goods market in the global luxury goods market in a pivotal position. As in Beijing, Shanghai's top luxury fashion industry summit and exhibition platform, the world's top luxury followed, and gradually become familiar with the brand. A world-class show, as one of the 2008 Beijing International Auto Show will pool the world's attention, the international high-end car event is for the top Bugatti sports car appearance in the Chinese mainland has provided commensurate with the high standards of the international arena.

Wei Hang Bugatti 16.4 cohesion of the world's top automotive design and manufacturing technology, and insisted Bugatti loyal to the philosophy and tradition. Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti was born in 1881 in Milan, Italy, whose father was a painter, is well-known furniture designer. Ettore Bugatti was originally an artist, not a technician, its aesthetic opinion, the vehicle he created the unique art appreciation. He and uphold the spirit of legendary Bugatti Wei Hang 16.4 achievements of the real Keswick Northern Lights Art.

Global Limited-300 aircraft of the Bugatti 16.4 people is the history of the most exciting, the most technically sophisticated production car. April 20 to 28, 2008 in Beijing Auto E4 Hall E404 booth, the car altar myth Bugatti will show its panache style, let us wait and see

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