Rolls-Royce Phantom two-door coupe Asia Starters

Rolls-Royce brand new Mirage two-door coupe in 2008 4.20(Sunday) at the 10th "Beijing International Automobile Exhibition," an impressive set, the first time at the Asia-Pacific region.

The model is the BMW Group took over Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, launched 4 new models; Mirage series is also the most driver-oriented model. The two-door coupe since the four listed, the market needs strong response this year has been pre-sale of a production space.

The two-door coupe superior quality, flexible operation, a succession of quality family Mirage gene. 6.75-litre V12 engine can provide a powerful driving force to achieve maximum power output of 460 bhp and maximum torque of 720 Nm, long-distance travel is the perfect choice. The engine used a powerful low torque low-down technology, the new models in 5.8 seconds can be easily completed 0-100 km / h acceleration, and the sustained, rapid, up to 250 km / hour speed limit on the maximum value of electronics.

The car is not only the best-in-class fuel economy, with the Mirage soft-top roadster compared to the fuel tank capacity has been increased by 25 per cent, from travelling to more than 600 km. Spacious trunk picnic by the end of crack-spacing design, storage space of 395 liters. Cover down the trunk, two adults can sit comfortably.

Advanced aluminum chassis to Mirage two-door coupe to driving more comfortable, more simple manipulation, security, higher performance, at the same time it has all models of Rolls-Royce the most powerful torque. In addition, the Mirage two-door coupe follow-door wagon, the rear seat passengers get on and off more convenient.

At the same time ensure that the fine for driving techniques and fluency, Rolls-Royce design of a new transmission system, the rear shock absorber increased hardness, strength Spring also further improved. In addition, the new models also equipped with an anti-roll after the coarse-to improve the braking and steering systems, the new Mirage driving experience even more outstanding.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars with each, Mirage two-door coupe internal decoration scheme also provides customized, customers can fully customize according to their personal preferences of some special function. For example, through the customization process, from the more than 44,000 kinds of customers can choose a different color tones.

The Mirage coupe can choose Stars top ornaments decorated the top of the more than 1,600 used optical fiber components, it is as if exposure to romance under the stars. And the experimental 101 EX coupe concept, this coupe optional matte steel hood and A column.

The exhibition will be the Rolls-Royce the first time in Asia Auto Show Mirage family full range of models. The show-especially tailored加长版Mirage and Mirage soft-top roadster will be displayed.

Yienluobaisen chairman of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, said: "The choice of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Beijing International Auto Show not only as new Mirage two-door coupe, the first in Asia, which will be based on display Auto especially tailored models. as a Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the Asia-Pacific region's largest market and the world's third-largest market, China's 2007 sales to a new high, up more than 50 percent. Rolls-Royce China's car market confidence in the future. "

New models will be this summer in the United Kingdom the Goodwood Rolls-Royce factory commissioned. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. in 2007 and sales growth of 06 compared to 25 per cent of total sales of 1,010 vehicles.

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