BMW core demands of Beijing Auto Show

When German automotive media authority "Sunday Pictorial" in its hosting of the 32nd session of the steering wheel Award ceremony will be the first time, a green BMW steering wheel awards to the chairman, Dr. Robert Leisefu It underlines the fact that : BMW demonstrated its technology in the environment of strong competition has further enriched the connotation of pure driving pleasure, for BMW deservedly won the "environmental innovation" awards, the highest award! BMW then in the 21st century clean energy demands of the core strategy in the end what is it?

At the tenth Beijing International Auto Show will be held when the topic aroused extensive attention in the media, when asked about this topic, 20 from the capital of central and local authorities, newspapers, radio and television media professionals who, in addition to a concisely describe the core of the BMW philosophy demands, the other 19 "hydrogen," BMW made a clean energy identify the core strategy! BMW philosophy and the real core demands are: efficient power!

N professional media and the answer there is no "deviation" - hydrogen-powered BMW is the ultimate core competitiveness, so BMW philosophy including, but not limited to, hydrogen, in other words is not the same, but only 1 / 3 only! BMW first time since 1990 put forward the "dynamic efficiency", it has all the innovation has become the cornerstone of BMW, its core demands in one sentence description was as follows: to reduce fuel consumption continue to lower CO2 and other emissions hindered the environment, while improving vehicle driving force -- More power, lower fuel consumption!

Of course, the multimedia N "response" also shows that the concept of universal BMW hydrogen is in place, this will allow the public more philosophical connotations authorized BMW……

BMW "efficient dynamic" global strategy divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term three steps: short-term steps to optimize the BMW product - engine, transmission of the optimization, lightweight body materials of the application in order to reduce fuel consumption; medium-term strategy is the hybrid, energy reduction to achieve higher performance; forward-looking long-term strategy for sustainable development of energy is a renewable energy - the use of hydrogen!

BMW's current product line has 22 of the BMW, MINI 5, the CO2 emissions below 140 grams per kilometre, Germany, on the market more 90 different BMW models powered by a highly efficient application of technology elements - in the past five years in the European market, BMW introduced a new car in the 40% to carbon dioxide emissions per kilometre not more than 140 g standards in 2007 has been 450,000 BMW "Efficient Power" cars to families, and this year's " Efficient Power "BMW cars will reach 830,000!

In order to break the public may BMW in the clean energy awareness of a single impression, and strengthen "the BMW philosophy ≠ hydrogen" unitary awareness, and strengthen BMW "efficient driving force," the diversity of knowledge, in the upcoming 10th the Beijing International Auto Show in China BMW will launch the first of three models: BMWX6 Dance coupe, BMW hybrid concept car Concept X6, and BMW1 of the double-box cars, including BMW hybrid concept BMW car show "dynamic efficiency" strategy medium-term "transitional" solutions - motor driver protect the maximum torque is an ideal complement to the internal combustion engine, the internal combustion engine than purely driven fuel consumption can be reduced by 20%…… hybrid BMW will be the first to market in 2009.

Perhaps the world's first mass production of hydrogen-powered luxury sedan BMW Hydrogen7 marketing too good, so people in the BMW referred to the contribution of clean energy, almost without exception, regarded the world's only mass production of hydrogen-powered BMW BMW 7 Series cars as a philosophy of "only" symbolic! BMW is the fact that hydrogen Terminator, but the current solution from the point of view also short-term measures, hybrid, hydrogen-powered BMW are "dynamic efficiency" philosophy areas of the specific meaning of one of hybrids and hydrogen and X6 Driving the BMW 7 Series is the philosophy of production under the guidance of future products!

Although global research and development in hydrogen-powered vehicles, "School" on GM hydrogen fuel cells and two BMW hydrogen internal combustion engine technology, Benevolence, but so far only volume production only BMW Hydrogen7! GM is following in the middle of the field of pure electric vehicles mortality, in the field of hydrogen-powered vehicles to be "dynamic efficiency" thwarted by the philosophy of BMW, it is an indisputable fact!

Perhaps some people will speak of "efficiency" and "power" are two seem irreconcilable "hedging" concept, but BMW, however this contradiction evolution become the "harmony" - maintaining the performance and the balance between environmental protection, upgrade sheer driving pleasure of the pursuit of power and reduce fuel consumption and emissions environmental aspirations to live in harmony! As "Sunday Pictorial" green steering wheel for the first time presented the award by the BMW Group stressed that the "award-winning grounds": BMW Group efficient power projects are clearly displayed the most compelling solution. Efficient dynamic scheme, BMW fully demonstrated its strong environmental technology competitiveness, and further enriched the connotation of pure driving pleasure.

Indeed, the efficient engine of representative - X6 hybrid concept cars and hydrogen-powered BMW 7 Series BMW with the love of the public gathered at the tenth Beijing International Auto Show, they will be zero distance contact with the public, but also will bring all new experience!

Source: Netease auto channel

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